Charging stations for municipality of Thessaloniki


Electr.io is offering a complete and fully applicable solution for planning the charging infrastructure needed for EVs within an urban environment. This is a patent-pending, first of its kind, fully automated procedure that utilizes knowledge and techniques from the area of transportation planning and can be used in any urban environment.


It consists of an industry leading methodology for the planning of the location of charging stations based on a range of criteria. The algorithms used, are optimized with real-life data and work in a, seemingly, ad-hoc way in every topography. The whole procedure, although adaptable to any situation, is automated at a maximum level, making the process precise, as well as rapid.

Charging stations regarding private cars for residential use in municipality of Thessaloniki
Charging stations for private cars in municipality of Thessaloniki


This will allow a client to approach electr.io along with an objective (i.e. increase profit margins from charging stations in a specific area/city) as well as a budget for the charging stations, and receive a roadmap along with a plan, in a couple of weeks.


Cities and societies expand and evolve everyday. Their demands also follow the continuing evolution. This specific product, is developed in a certain way which can predict future needs and prepare cases for many scenarios. With 1-year, 3-year, 5-year etc. plans, every objective will be met during their planning period.

Fully automated software solution

Customizable objective

Expandable and updateable