OPTIMUS: A novel solution for charging station management that ensures that EV infrastructure is always at the right place and at the right price.


Duration : 21 Months

Budget : 0.5M€

Partners : 2



Publicly accessible charging station networks are growing rapidly worldwide driven by increased commitments to decarbonizing transport in the context of the European Green Deal. To keep up with this electric surge, EU's infrastructure framework is obligated to prioritize electric charging, to keep pace with the increasing demand for commercial and private charge points.

Deciding which locations to pick and how to price charging at these locations is a business-critical, resource-intensive, easy-to-get-wrong process, while misplaced, mispriced, and mismanaged networks ultimately delay the shift to e-mobility, lead to higher infrastructure costs and compromise system security. This is an ever-harder problem as Charging Station Operators (CSOs) have to take into account grid stability, electricity pricing and charging demand.


The OPTIMUS project develops a flexible cloud-based tool for charging station operators, consultants and beneficiaries that will be able to optimize the performance of their networks.

It is a novel solution for charging station management, which combines different sub modules that are relevant to charging station location and charging price planning (on hourly, daily, monthly, yearly or any other level), ensuring that EV infrastructure is always at the right place and at the right price.


The main objectives of OPTIMUS are the following:


Maximize the long-term potential of new electric vehicle charging stations by determining the optimal location for installation, along with the optimal size and charger type.


Maximize the profit of the charging station operators by determining the optimal price of charging.



  • Leading the development of the algorithms regarding the optimal charging station location upon installation planning.

  • Leading OPTIMUS’ communication, dissemination & exploitation strategy.

  • Lead the OPTIMUS demonstration.

  • Provide feedback & contribute to the development of the OPTIMUS’ platform Interface & User Experience.